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How to Choose Wordpress Plugins?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

With the thousands of Wordpress plugins available for installation on your Wordpress blog, how do you choose the ones that will enhance your blogging experience and not slow your web hosting server down?  Here are a few things to keep in mind before installing any Wordpress plugins.

Figure out your core needs and what’s missing

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or new to the world of Wordpress, you had certain expectations coming into this.  A basic Wordpress installation is just that—basic.  You’re given a basic theme, core Wordpress files and place to manage it all in the Wordpress administration panel.  What’s missing?

  • For some, missing elements may be:
  • Contact forms
  • Social networking buttons
  • A way to insert advertisements into pages
  • Photo albums
  • Analytics tracking
  • SEO enhancements
  • Tighter security

Start with only the basics.  You can work to pretty things up later.

How much is too much?

Wordpress plugins are capable of taking your blog to entirely new heights.  In a matter of moments, you can go from a boring, basic Wordpress install to a website that will do exactly what you want it to, and then some.  Wordpress plugins can also slow your web hosting server to a crawl and turn off visitors.

The general rule of thumb when deciding on which Wordpress plugins to include is to add only what you need, and those plugins that will enhance your experience.  Too many Wordpress plugins can cause not only a slowdown in website speed, but may also conflict with each and fail to function at all.