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How to Have a Blog Giveaway

Published on 9/21/2010 by

If you've done any amount of reading on other blogs you've probably noticed that blog giveaways and A-list bloggers go hand in hand.  Blog giveaways are mini contests where a blogger gives away a product or service just for reading his or her blog.  Giveaways are a good way to get people talking about your website and increase your daily traffic.  Let's take a look at what it takes to start your very own blog giveaway.

What kind of products can you give away?

In general, there are three different types of things you can give away during your own blogging contest:

Digital goods:  These include items like eBooks and computer software.

Physical goods:  Physical goods are things you can hold in your hand, like books, t-shirts, and computers.

Services:  This is a service that you or someone else will be providing for the winner, such as a free logo design or free year of web hosting.

How do you obtain products to give away?

The direct approach:For the bold blogger loaded down with nothing more than confidence, approaching companies for items to give away is the easiest way to secure blogging prizes.  Many recipe bloggers write directly to cookbook authors and publishing houses, asking for a copy of a new release cookbook to give away.  If your blog is viewed by enough people and the company thinks your giveaway will be beneficial to them as well, you're likely to find an easy-in using this method of direct communication.

Signing up for giveaways:  New bloggers and blogs with less than A-list traffic can take an indirect approach for getting in on the latest blog promotions by signing up with companies who specialize in pairing bloggers with manufacturers. 

  • Tomoson is currently operating in beta mode, but still giving away hundreds of new items weekly to bloggers just like you.  Tomoson tends to favor bloggers with a high number of Twitter followers and a wide social network reach online.
  • Give Away Blogs is where bloggers and sponsors meet.  Join the forum, post a request for an item you'd like to give away and let advertisers come to you.
  • Etsy Forums are participated in by thousands of budding artists and authors who are eager to work with bloggers. 

Investing in yourself and your website

Many a blogger got their start with online giveaways by purchasing an item and then giving it away.  There is nothing wrong with investing in yourself and your website.  Inexpensive giveaway products can include:

  • Gift cards
  • Books
  • Personalized stationary, pens or pencils
  • T-shirts with your website logo and address
  • Desktop backgrounds
  • eBooks

Successful blogging giveaways attract lots of new attention and get faithful readers fired up about participating in your community.  Spend some time in the planning stages figuring out what type of giveaway would most benefit your readers and your website, and then use your social networking ties to get others excited about what you’re doing.  And have fun with it!  It’s a joy to give things away and make others feel like winners.