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How To Have a Successful Live Chat Experience With Your Hosting Company

Published on 11/20/2012 by

One of the biggest complaints in the web hosting industry is that support is too slow to act. That’s not always true, of course. When your website is down it seems like every moment drags on for hours, and it’s easy to become impatient in such cases. Live chat services provided by hosting companies have done away with long telephone, email or trouble ticket system wait times. Even so, they’ve come with their own complaints. We’re constantly hearing that users are frustrated with their live chat experiences, in part, because they don’t understand the dynamics of live chat support. Here’s how you can have a successful live chat with your hosting company every time you reach out for support.

Step 1:  Know when your host offers live chat support

Many hosts advertise 24/7 support but that doesn’t mean that every avenue of support is available all day long. Some hosts only have techs manning the live chat support area during certain times of the day. If you prefer live chat as your main means of support, this is a good thing to look in to before you sign your next hosting contract. And if you’re already committed to a host, check their support hours on their website to see when you can reach the live chat support team.

Step 2:  Have your questions ready

Live chat was put into play for quick support. That means that the techs behind live chat support are answering up to hundreds of questions per hour. You can make your host’s job easier and get your answers faster by knowing exactly what you want to address during your live chat call. Make a short list, if need be, and jump right into your questions when live chat picks up.

Step 3:  Be polite

We know that it’s tough to keep your cool when your website is down. Flaring tempers, however, make it difficult for your to effectively communicate with support and even more difficult for your host to respond. No matter what the situation, know your hosting company is just as frustrated that you’re not satisfied as you are, and extend a little kindness.

Step 4:  Be prepared to take your more advanced questions elsewhere

The first means of support for most hosting companies has always been an online help desk or trouble ticket system. That’s still true, even if your hosting company offers live chat services. Live chat is the perfect place to ask why your website is offline or to notify your host that something isn’t working properly with your dedicated server, but it’s not such a good place to hash out the details of the last 20 problems you’ve had. If you have a long list of grievances and none of them are emergencies, you’ll likely get quicker answers by filing a trouble ticket.

The live chat platform has been an excellent addition to the world of hosting. And if you know how to approach your next live chat session you’re likely to get better service and walk away a happier customer.