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How to Make Your Business Website More Professional

Published on 7/13/2010 by

Your business website is a representation of your company. No matter how small or large your operation is, if your website is unprofessional, it's costing you sales. Learn how to tailor your business to customers and create a website that will give you and your business more confidence and credibility.

Maintain a professional appearance

Just as you dress for success each morning, so must your website be properly dressed. Unless you're selling clown supplies or glitter, don't be flashy! Stay away from:

  • Bright or neon colors.
  • Imbedded dancing cartoon characters.
  • Background music.
  • Patterned backgrounds.
  • Flashing text.

These items may work on personal sites, but cause business websites to lose all credibility. Be bold and imaginative with your design, not flashy.

Design a logo

When you think of the iPhone, what do you see? If you’re like most people, your mind automatically envisions the Apple logo. Likewise, your website visitors will begin to associate your business name with your brand when you have a customized logo. If you're not an artistic, hire a logo designer.

Provide thorough details

Whether you're selling products or services make sure all the information you provide is thorough, accurate and leaves the reader with no questions. Imagine if Best Buy, the electronics store, listed a computer for sale and the description of the unit said only "white computer." Would you buy that computer without knowing about the processor or how much memory it had or what operating system it ran? Of course not. Provide ample details about what you do and what services you offer. The more a potential customer knows about you, the more likely they are to put their trust in you.

Use good graphics

We live in a visual age where an image ads power and authority. It doesn't matter if you're selling goods or services or simply promoting your brand with your website, you still need images. How many websites do you see today that are made up of only text? Even online dictionaries and encyclopedias use images to drive their point home. There are many ways to find and use images, such as:

  • Digital cameras. Today, digital cameras are inexpensive and readily available. Take your own pictures of products, employees, your office or whatever, and upload them to your website. The only cost to you is a onetime investment in the camera and time.
  • Free images online. There are hundreds of thousands of free images available for you to use online.

Use proper grammar

Nothing spells amateur more than a business website riddled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Spell-check everything and have coworkers, friends and family proofread your website to make sure you haven't overlooked anything. If you're not comfortable with your writing abilities, hire a professional.

Be customer service friendly

Your website must provide a way for customers to interact with you. Always include:

  • A physical address (if applicable).
  • Customer service email address or contact form.
  • A customer service phone number.

People value their money and will not just hand it over to anyone. Inspire trust by giving customers a way to talk with you.

Remember, your website represents your company. Be bold, be creative, and be professional.