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How to Make Money With Your Blog

Published on 8/13/2010 by

7 outside the box ways to get paid

It is absolutely possible to begin earning money from your blog today.  Advertising programs like Google Adsense work, but only if you have a high number of daily readers and even then, you’re not likely to make more than pocket change.  Affiliate programs, such as Commission Junction, can also be effective, but won’t replace your day job.  In order to earn some real money online, you need to start thinking outside the box.  Here are seven ideas to get you going.

1.  Write an eBook

If you blog, you’re a writer.  What’s holding you back from writing a book?  If you teach other people how to blog with your own blog, think of all your potential book titles.

  • How to Start a Blog
  • Brainstorm the Perfect Domain Name
  • 100 Ways to Make Money Blogging
  • Become an A-List Blogger

You can write your eBook with free software like Open Office or the free online application My eBook, and market it directly on your website.  With eBooks, you’ll be making money in your sleep.

2.  Do a sponsored review

You can monetize your blog by writing sponsored reviews.  There are a number of companies just waiting for you to write about their products.

3.  Sell merchandise

You’ll get free advertising and make money by selling products with your domain name on them.  What can you sell?

  • Coffee mugs
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other clothing items
  • Engraved pencils and pens
  • Notebooks and notepads
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Custom postage

Companies like Zazzle will help you to design products and handle the creation and distribution for you.

4.  Teach a class

People are eager to learn from you.   That is why they read your blog after all.  Teach a course about your specialty.  You can teach a class by email, chat room or by posting a series of lessons on a private area of your website.

5.  Ask for donations

Several A-list bloggers make good money by asking for donations.  Add a link on your blog to yourPayPal account or install a Wordpress plug-in that will automate the process for you.

6.  Offer premium content

Sell your knowledge for a fee.  Your paid content could include:

  • Software applications
  • A short study course
  • Written guides

7.  Install a private forum

Charge a small fee for access to a private forum.  Websites like Performancing charge $10/month for admittance to The Hive, a private forum of network experts.

In order to make real money online, you have to start thinking outside the box.  How will you make your next dollar online?