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How to Score a Cheap Domain Name

Published on 5/23/2011 by

Wanting to save money comes naturally. Perhaps that’s why people from different socio-economic backgrounds shop with coupons, routinely use social buying websites and still hunt down freebies. Domain names may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about bargain hunting, but you can, in fact, score a free or cheap domain name every time you’re in the market for one. Here’s how.

Use a coupon

Groceries stores and big eCommerce storefronts like Amazon aren’t the only places you can use a coupon to shave a little money from your bill. Many domain registrars also dole out coupons and coupon codes that can be applied to your order for a new domain name. Where can you find such coupons and coupon codes?

  • ReviewsGurus:  Bookmark our domain name page.
  • Sign up for newsletters:  Domain name registrars like NameCheap and GoDaddy regularly hand out coupons to subscribers of their monthly newsletter.
  • Check Reddit:  Social news site Reddit frequently posts coupons and offers for domain names in their freebies, coupons and deals subreddits.

Watch for free domain offers from web hosts

With some hosting companies, when you sign up for a new hosting plan you’ll be given a free domain name. There are positives and negatives to scoring a free domain from a web hosting company, but for many, this is the way to go.  You can find free domain offers by searching Google or reading web hosting forums. Before buying anything, be sure to read hosting reviews to make certain you sign up with a reputable and dependable hosting company.

Buy a used domain

Many a webmaster has purchased a domain or two that they intended to develop, only to realize they didn’t have the time or money to do so. Likewise, some just get tired of blogging or website development and decide to give up a domain or two. You can find used domain names all over the Internet. Well developed names with good traffic rankings will go for more than the cost of a new, undeveloped domain, but in most cases you can grab up an undeveloped domain name for just a few bucks. Where?

  • WebHostingTalk.com:  The domain sub-forum has many new offers each week, most of those priced at less than half the price of domain registrars.
  • FreeWebSpace.net:  Geared toward those in search of free hosting, FreeWebSpace.net also has a great domain forum that features domain sales and special offers.

Buy in bulk

Domain name registrars will be happy to discount your bill should you buy several domain names at one time. GoDaddy, for example, offers a 31% discount when you purchase more than six domains at a time, and most registrars have a similar offering.

Have you saved money on the purchase of a domain name? Tell us how!