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How to Write a Web Hosting Review

Published on 9/16/2010 by

The best web hosting companies have earned their stars and stripes by providing solid, reliable service that people can count on.  By contrast, there are web hosts don’t quite measure up.  Web hosting reviews help future customers solidify an overall opinion of hosting companies without having actually done business with them.  A good web hosting review can lead to a new sale and a bad one will reverberate across the Internet, warning others against signing up. 

Here at Reviews Gurus we give you a space to share your thoughts about your web hosting company.  At any time, you can write a review about your web host, explaining to others what you love and don’t love about your host.  Want to add your two cents?  Here’s how to write a web hosting review.

Take time with your title

The title of your review should be concise, but descriptive.  At a glance, readers should get a feel for your opinion just by reading the few words in your title. 

Buyer Beware!

The above title lets me know that the reviewer was not happy with their web hosting experience.  The title is short, but tells me explicitly that there’s trouble to be had with that particular web hosting company.  Your review title should have these characteristics:

  • It’s descriptive.
  • It’s short.
  • It sums up your opinion.

Talking about advantages

Even the most unreliable of web hosting companies have done something right and it’s important that you share the good things about any host, as well as the bad.  Your list of advantages should be phrased in similar fashion to your review title in that they’ll be concisely worded points that are summed up with few words. 

Great uptime!  Good customer support.  Love the control panel!

Your list of advantages may include thoughts on any of the following:

  • Customer support
  • Billing
  • Control panel
  • Price
  • Software
  • Uptime
  • Reliability

Being honest about disadvantages

It can be hard to point out features that you view as negatives, especially if you’re fond of your web hosting company.  Be honest!  You may love your web host, but if your website was offline more times than you can remember last year, you should point that out.  Your list of disadvantages can include anything from how long it takes for a support representative to answer your email to slow control panels or frequent bouts of downtime. 

Summing it all up

At the end of every review, you’ll be summing up your overall opinion for readers with what we call the bottom line.  This is the place for you to give a summation of your experience.  You’ve already listed the advantages and disadvantages of your web hosting company, so use this space to shout out your personal opinion.  Example bottom line of a host you’re impressed with:

I love this web hosting company!  I can call anytime night or day and have my questions answered in just minutes.  With their great low prices and good support, I will stay with this web hosting company forever.

Write as much or as little as you like in this area, but always shine a light on your personal experience.

Adding a rating

The last step you’ll be asked to take when writing a review for Reviews Gurus is to rate your web hosting experience on a sliding scale.  On the far right side of each review form you’ll find a series of stars that you’ll fill in by clicking on them with your mouse.

reviewsgurus rating.jpg


Use the rating box to give an average of your overall experience with your web hosting company.

Are you ready to write your own web hosting review?