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How Yola.com is Making a Difference in the Web Hosting Industry

Published on 10/7/2011 by

The relationship between web hosting companies and the customers they serve has always been a fickle one. Hosting clients are quick to jump from company to company, always chasing the best deal going, and big, overrated, we can undersell anyone hosting companies have forgotten what customer service really is. Yola.com is working to change the way hosting companies do business and, right now, they’re blazing a fast trail to success.

Why customer service matters

Consumer voices power the success or failure of online and offline businesses daily. A cursory glance at Google turns up 39,000,000 reports of poor customer service stories, and the Better Business Bureau is swamped with similar sad tales from disgruntled customers.

The Consumer Experience Impact 2010 Report proved that customers will abandon their favorite services and products due to poor customer service. Of those surveyed, a whopping 82% said they’ve stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service, and 95% reported they’ll take action the next time they feel slighted.

With customer voices shining such a bright spotlight on customer service woes, is anyone listening?

Meet Yola.com

donna from Yola

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Yola staffs more than 80 employees around the globe. Having such a diverse range of support team members has allowed Yola to capture much deserved attention in the hosting industry. Privately-held Yola.com is backed by more than $25 million in funding, courtesy of the Reinet Fund, and has been the recipient of numerous hosting awards, including the coveted Business Week’s 50 Best Startups and the Industry Standard 100.

Yola gives consumers not only an inexpensive means to put a website online, but also the tools to quickly do so. Yola’s much talked about website builder enables clients with no website design experience to choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates that can instantly be personalized and published to the web. Yola user, Donna from Mississipi, says, “My experience with Yola has been awesome! I could never have launched my new business without your wonderful site.”

How Yola is making a difference

Yola not only provides stellar service and the tools to help anyone succeed online, but they’re also excelling in the customer service department by promoting their client’s work. Yola’s online blog, for example, routinely spotlights their customer’s websites. Through Yola’s Website of the Week and Featured Website postings, Yola is driving new traffic to their customer’s businesses, giving them a leg up against the competition.

Is your hosting company willing to promote your work and business?

At ReviewsGurus, we highlight only the best of the best in web hosting and, these days, Yola.com is at the top of our favorites list.