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How Yola Widgets Can Help Your Small Business Succeed

Published on 10/20/2011 by

BusinessKnowHow.com reports that one of the top reasons why small businesses fail at such an alarming rate is because new business owners haven’t gotten themselves online. “Simply put,” claims BusinessKnowHow.com, “if you have a business today you need a website.” Entrepreneur Magazine agrees. In this day and age, when shoppers are price checking brick-and-mortar stores against online retailers, businesses of any size have an overall advantage by having a product rich, well designed website.

Small learning curves and why they matter

According to InternetWorldStats.com, there are more than six billion Internet users around the world in 2011. If you’re a small business owner, that’s a whole lot of potential customers just waiting in the wings. If buyers are out there and the Internet is ripe with consumers, why are so many online businesses still failing?

Mark Miller, Internet consultant, says that new domain owners have no idea how to get started online. “Websites are not easy to design and hiring a professional designer can set you back thousands,” said Miller. “In order to get ahead, small business owners need to find a way to learn website design and maintenance almost overnight.” Miller believes that the keys to success are easy to grasp once you understand that concept. “The smaller the learning curve, the better the chances of really making your mark online.”

How Yola.com is helping businesses get off the ground

In this era of do-it-yourself everything, small business owners, like everyone else, want to get the job done as inexpensively as possible. That means that business owners have a choice about how they go about getting a website online. They can waste precious time learning HTML and other design languages, while their competition gets ahead, or they can harness powerful tools that will do the work for them.

Yola.com, the San Francisco-based web hosting company that’s making headlines around the world for their intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, has found a way for even beginner webmasters to put together a smart, professionally designed website in minutes.

Dr. Prasad, Yola customer from New South Wales, Australia, says "I never ever expected web design could be taught this systematically and easily." And Dr. Prasad isn’t alone. Thousands of new businesses arm themselves with Yola’s powerful and easy-to-use business tools daily.

Yola widgets + your website=success

Yola sidebar

In addition to offering web hosting customers professionally designed website templates and an easy-to-learn website design builder, Yola.com also includes a collection of powerful widgets that quickly add features to your website. Accessed from the sidebar of Yola’s website builder, the widget collection features chat apps, games, audio tools, photo galleries, social networking links, and more.

Widgets can be dragged and dropped on to any section of your pre-existing Yola website, and work straight out of the box. No longer must you fiddle with HTML or CSS to have a multimedia-filled website rich with videos, shopping carts, and unique product photos. And Yola’s already impressive widget collection just keeps growing. Each Wednesday, the Yola.com blog runs a feature article called Widget Wednesday, where they highlight the latest and greatest widgets from their growing collection, showing you in step-by-step fashion how to install and use them.

When it comes to the Internet, technology is ever changing. Thanks to Yola.com, you can now concentrate on your business and let them take care of putting your next big success story online.