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More Free Resources for Webmasters

Published on 8/20/2010 by

Open source software and free online applications are invaluable to your webmaster toolbox.  Tools that inspire, lessen your workload and enable you to be more productive can give your website an edge over the competition and give you creativity that bursts at the seams.  Let’s take a look at a few rarely talked about freebies for webmasters.

Moveable Type

The folks at Moveable Type have put together a collection of the Internet’s best and most professional open source fonts.  Unlike other font sites that often feature free fonts with missing characters, Moveable Type gives away open source font faces in their entirety.  No more downloading a font and then realizing the exclamation point wasn’t part of the free package.  Yay for open source!


Have you ever wanted or needed to write a blog post without having to login to the clunky and sometimes slow Wordpress administration panel?  You can do just that with Scribefire.  Scribefire is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers, and lets you create and edit multiple blogs and platforms, including Drupal, Wordpress and Moveable Type.  Now you can create, edit and post blog posts with an external editor that works just as well, if not better, than your CMS web software.


PSD files are associated with Adobe Photoshop and the free, open source image editor Gimp.  Very few websites and images are designed without the multi layer support and graphic perfection of the PSD format.

365psd gives away free, high quality PSD files that you can integrate into your website design with no strings attached.  You’ll find pixel perfect icons, full site designs, navigational buttons and more.  A new PSD file is added each day.  Bookmark this website!

Icon Finder

Stop browsing for icons the old fashioned way and start using Icon Finder.  Icon Finder operates like a search engine: you type in the icon you’re looking for and it will return thousands of results from around the Internet.

Google Webmaster Tools

If you’re not using Google Webmaster Tools, you’re not maximizing your website’s potential.  Google’s innovative toolkit will help you gauge and improve website visits, locate missing site pages and errors, and discover your link traffic.  As with all things Google, this is free and priceless.

Do you have webmaster tools that you can live without?