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PHP Web Hosting - Part 1

Published on 4/12/2010 by

PHP is one of the most popular server side programming languages that can be embedded into a website. It contains a wide variety of applications used in building dynamic websites and is easy to learn and use. PHP is adapted from Perl and C, and even if a user has no experience with either, PHP is a great way to start programming and making dynamic websites. Finding PHP scripts and software packages is easy and many of the applications are free.

Overview of PHP Web Hosting

Many PHP web hosts include many PHP add-ons that can be used to build full web sites such as:

  • Forums
  • Picture galleries
  • Banner rotations
  • Portal software
  • Add password protections

PHP can run on both Window and Unix servers. Unix servers, however, have the biggest share of the market because Unix is inexpensive, reliable, secure, fast, and uses advance language and can handle complex applications.

Factors to Consider in PHP Hosting

It is not easy to get good PHP web hosting since many companies are out just to make a quick profit and do not care about service, offer no support, or the site is unreliable and likely to break down. Pricing, although very important, should not be the main criteria when choosing a PHP web host, either. Balance the benefits you want, and if you are just shopping costs, be prepared to make some sacrifices as in uptime, customer service, or security, which can end up costing you more than the original price difference. There is, however good web hosting available at reasonable prices so don’t be discouraged.

Some web hosting companies will offer “come ons” or gimmicks to attract new business, by offering unlimited web hosting (or at least the promise of unlimited web hosting). In reality, there is no such thing as unlimited. Servers are shared between multiple users, and although it is hard to define the number of accounts a physical server can support, an unscrupulous company can oversell or overload a server, which will impact the performance of all the sites on the server.

The positive nature of the shared web hosting is the affordability it can provide for small and medium sized websites. When you shop for a PHP hosting services, you will want a quality hosting company that allows your website to operate efficiently. If you are an online business, you will want to generate traffic to your website and use software that interfaces with PHP so it will then interface well with HTML making your website both dynamic and efficient.

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