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5 Reasons Why You Won't Succeed Online Without a Great Web Host

Published on 4/30/2012 by

No matter how much time you’ve invested in your website, it is simply impossible to succeed without a great web hosting company to back you up.  You can be an expert in SEO, the best writer on the planet and offer the most inexpensive product the Internet has ever seen, but if you don’t have solid footing, it will all come crashing down.  Don’t believe me?  Here are five reasons why you won’t succeed online without a really good web hosting company.

1.  You’re in bad company

Here’s a little known secret in the world of web hosting:  every single website that shares a server with you has the ability to negatively impact your own website.   If other clientele on your server are in the habit of sending SPAM, offering illegal files for download or greedily gobbling up server resources, your website can suffer from slow speeds, hacked pages and frequent downtime.

Solution:  Always read your web hosting company’s Terms of Service.  The Terms of Service outlines what sort of customers that web host markets to. Those terms should explicitly state that things like SPAM, illegal file sharing and gambling websites are forbidden.

2.  Your communication ties are broken

In the web hosting industry we tend to focus all of our time and attention on keeping websites online.  Certainly that is important, but it is equally essential that all of your webs hosting services are functioning at 100%--including email.  An unreliable email server means that you will fail to receive important correspondence and an unprotected email server may lead to your computer and server being infected with viruses, spyware and worms.

Solution:  When interviewing web hosting companies, ask what virus protection has been put in place to prevent infestation and seek out quality web hosting reviews that accurately depict a web hosting company’s reputation.

3.  You get no support

Imagine running a highly profitable website only to see it go offline one day and never return because you cannot reach your web hosting company to correct the problem.  Believe it or not, this happens.  Being able to get prompt, helpful support when needed is just as crucial as keeping your website online.

Solution:  Before signing up with any web hosting company, understand what means of support they offer.  You should be able to communicate with your web hosting company at any hour of the day or night.

4.  You can’t be counted on

If your website is slow to load or suffers from frequent bouts of downtime you will be viewed as unreliable and your faithful followers and readers will find someone else to put their trust in.  You should never have to worry about whether your website is online because it should always be online.

Solution:  Make certain your web host has an uptime guarantee and a proven track record of success.

5.  You’ve outgrown your web host

Your website may have started as a small, personal project, but many highly successful and heavily trafficked websites began the same way.  When a web hosting company cannot support your growth, everyone loses.

Solution:  Search for a web hosting company that offers easily upgradable plans.  Do not count on unlimited web hosting plans to support your website.

Thousands of new websites go online each day and thousands are retired, taken offline or given up on because of poor decision making.  By aligning yourself with a great web hosting company, you will put into place the building blocks of success.