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Should Low Price Determine your Web Host?

Published on 6/14/2010 by

And How to Find a Reliable Host

It is said that money makes the world go round. It’s no secret that having the ability to save money and cut costs provides financial security and independence. But how far should you go when trying to save money when finding a web host? Check out our guideline for finding a reliable low cost host.

The Myth of Unlimited

You’ve probably heard by now that there’s no such thing as unlimited in the world of web hosting, and that’s true. Just as the hard drive on the computer you’re using right now doesn’t offer an unlimited amount of space, neither do web hosting servers. The same holds true for bandwidth. If your website suddenly becomes the next big thing, do you really think your web host is going to be willing to pay for all the traffic your pages generate?

Many hosts offering unlimited plans tend to be cheaper than those with a more honest business approach. If you do choose to go with a host that features unlimited services, read the fine print. There will be a catch; make sure you locate it and know what it is.

Resellers vs. Hosting Companies

Just as you can resell items on eBay, there are resellers in the world of web hosting as well. Some of today’s most well known hosts began as resellers, where they learned the ins and outs of server and client management.

Resellers tend to offer hosting packages that are cheaper than more established hosting companies, but there are disadvantages too.


  • Less expensive.
  • Resellers are eager to please and establish themselves.
  • Hosting server is managed by a professional hosting company.


  • Resellers may have little experience.
  • Hosting server is managed by another company—one who may or may not have a solid reputation.
  • Resellers may end their business on a whim, leaving you without your data, a host or a refund.
  • Resellers may have full time jobs or school careers and little time to devote to business.

How do you know if your next potential host is a reseller? Just ask, and do a little digging of your own too. Some resellers are absolutely worth every penny you’ll save and others may leave you with nothing but lost data and a headache.


There are a bevy of cheap web hosts to be found online. Some have deserved great reputations and others do not. Take the time to read web hosting reviews and make a list of hosts who not only offer low prices, but also great service.

Put your Future Host to the Test

Want to know how your future host will treat you as a client? Put them to the test. Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential hosts down, email each one, asking about their services or any questions you may have. You may be shocked to learn that some well known hosts won’t answer at all, and others will take just minutes. If open communication is important to you, make a note of which hosts listened to your questions and answered them thoroughly. If hosts you’re considering have an online support forum, visit it and see how they interact with customers, too.

The bottom line in web hosting is this: reliability is key. Would you buy a car for $5/month if it didn’t start every day? Odds are that wouldn’t be such a great deal in the end. The same holds true for web hosting. Your future host likely won’t tell you when their last outage was, so check for yourself.

Do your homework, talk to hosts and don’t let the bottom dollar be the only thing that determines whether your websites succeeds or fails.