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Should You Put All of Your Trust In One Hosting Company?

Published on 3/9/2011 by

When you find a web hosting company you believe in, it’s hard not to pour all of your trust into that company by jumping on-board buying multiple accounts for every single domain you own. But is that wise? Today we’re going to explore the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to host with only one web hosting company.


When you’ve finally latched on to a web host that you really like and one that has excellent web hosting reviews, there can be many advantages to moving all of your projects and domain names over to that host.

It’s cheaper:  If you take advantage of add-on domains or a reseller hosting account, you’ll save oodles of money over hosting each domain on a separate web hosting account. Add-on domains let you add an unlimited number of domain names to one account—where all domains share the resources—and reseller plans give you a set amount of space and bandwidth that you can divvy up between domains as you see fit, and even sell off your excess hosting space.

It’s simpler:  If you’ve ever hosted multiple domains with different web hosting companies you know what a hassle it is to jump from host to host to pay your monthly bill, contact support or even check your account statistics. Logging in to multiple control panels is not only time consuming, but it also scatters your information all over the web. When you stick with one hosting company only, your data, websites and statistics are all close at-hand.

Easier to upgrade:  If you’ve chosen a host with a generous and scalable upgrade system, it will be a cinch to move from a small web hosting plan to larger one, or from a VPS to a dedicated server. If not, you’ll have to begin your search for the perfect web hosting company over again each time your website outgrows its current plan.

You have the potential to earn more money:  If you take advantage of your web hosting company’s affiliate program and place links on each and every domain you own, you have the potential to take in a lot of money each month. The more people who sign up for hosting by clicking the affiliate link on your domain, the more money you’ll pocket.


Now that you know some of the many advantages to hosting with just one company, let’s take a look at what many consider downsides.

Potential for disaster:  If all of your domains are on the same server or network, there’s a definite potential for disaster. Think about it: if one of your domains goes down, so do all the others. Suddenly, you’re not just dealing with one money making site that’s offline, but all of them.

More difficult to relocate:  If you decide to move to a new host, you’ll have a huge undertaking ahead of you in moving all of those domains to new homes on new networks and with new web hosting companies.

A few tips

Some people will feel more comfortable putting all of their trust into one hosting company and others will want to spread their business around. The decision is up to you. If you do decide to stick with one host, here are two important things to remember:

  1. Ask to host on different servers.You’ll never have to worry about all of your sites going offline at once if you put each domain on a different web hosting server. Of course, this means you won’t be able to take advantage of reseller hosting plans or add-on domains, but if you have big money sites, it’ll do wonders for your peace of mind to separate your accounts.
  2. Pick a good host from the start.Never jump on a good deal just because the price seems right. Trust me; you’ll be looking for a new host again in no time. Instead, read hosting reviews and find a host who’s earned a good reputation and one you can comfortably put all of your faith in.

Happy hosting!