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Ten Ways to Prevent Blogging Burnout

Published on 7/15/2010 by

You love your blog and you're passionate about your chosen topic. Even so, you find yourself frequently dreading having to sit down and type out yet another post. What happened?

Welcome to blogging burnout--that gray area of blogging life that nobody ever talks about.

How to become a weary blogger

If you live, eat and sleep your blog 24/7, you're a prime candidate for burnout, no matter how much you enjoy writing and interacting with your readers. The fact is that you must have balance in your life or your writing career will be short lived.

Avoid burning out

Even if you make a blog entry seven days a week, you can prevent blogging exhaustion. Here are ten things you can do to stay on top of your game and keep building excitement.

1. Keep an idea list

Creative juices don't always flow on demand. The safest way to make sure you're never under pressure to produce great content when you're not at your best is to keep a list of potential blog topics and ideas. Use whatever tools or software programs work best for your situation.

Write down ideas when you have them and keep a running list of topics you can write about if need be.

2. Start a new project.

Breathe new life into your old blog with an adventure. Your new project could be:
  • A month long series.
  • An online challenge with viewers and other bloggers.
  • A contest giveaway.

3. Get your focus back

It's easy to get sidetracked when you’re following every Twitter update, watching your email inbox, and keeping tabs on Facebook. Get your focus back by closing your email program and browser windows when you write. Concentrate only on getting your words down. If you need more help blocking the world out, try a full screen minimalist text editor like Write Monkey or JDarkroom.

4. Schedule guest bloggers

Ask around and find others in your niche who would be interested in guest blogging. Each day you have a guest blogger, you get the day off.

5. Develop a routine

Most people get up at a set time and have to be at work at a set time. Schedule your writing time the same way.

6. Stay ahead of schedule

When you're feeling most creative and posts are flowing from your fingertips, write two, three or more. If you have a reserve of posts at the ready, you're covered on those days when you have a lack inspiration or come down with the flu.

7. Find new ways to present old ideas

There are a thousand recipe sites online that will teach you how to make lentil soup, but how many of those websites will tell you the history of lentils while giving you a recipe? Break out of the pack and do something unique.

8. Have a life offline

Your brain needs rest and nourishment just like your body does. Don't live online. Rekindle an old hobby, exercise, spend time with friends and family, and get out and enjoy your life. Your blog will still be here when you get back.

9. Become part of a community

Join blogging forums and communities like Blog Engage and Mid Life Bloggers. You'll meet new friends and get some great advice from other bloggers.

10. Do some behind the scenes work

Could your blog design use some updating? Have you spent enough time on SEO and building backlinks?

Blogging is a rewarding experience, but only if you don't let it control your life. If you get organized and spend your blogging time wisely, you’ll be able to stave off the dreaded blogging burnout.