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5 Things to do Before Launching Your Website

Published on 7/12/2010 by

The day you publish your content to the Internet for the very first time is called a website launch.Some launches begin without anyone but the webmaster aware of the change and others are anticipated for months in advance.Want a site that sells and gets noticed? Here are five things you must do before launching your website to guaranty success.

1. Find a great web host

Don't just find a good web host, find a great one.Ideally, you want a host that will grow with you.The amount of traffic you get in your earliest days online may be small, but your site or business will grow, and if your web host can't keep up with an increase in visitors or sales, they'll hold you back.

When looking for web hosting, always do these things:

  • Read hosting reviews. Reviews from current and former clients of web hosting companies are the single best way to gauge just how reliable a web host really is.
  • Contact web hosts. Write or call web hosts you're interested in and make sure they have a scalable business model that will allow you to add space or bandwidth to your plan at any time.
  • Read the Terms of Service. All web hosting companies have their Terms of Service (TOS) listed on their websites.The Terms of Service will tell you what is and isn't allowed with each host. While one host may disallow IRC chat, another will welcome it.If you're planning to connect with customers by IRC, you'll need a host who will support you and not shut you down before you make your very first sale.

2. Write content ahead of time.

The day your site goes live, you must have something online for your viewers to get excited about.If you're starting a blog, write one month's worth of posts ahead of time so that on launch day, there are 30 different ways to interest readers. If you're opening an online store, list all available products and write eye catching descriptions ahead of time.

3. Get social media accounts.

Don't wait until the last minute to try and snatch up a Twitter or Facebook username that matches your domain name. Whenever possible, before buying a domain name, you'll want to see if the most important social media outlets have a username available that matches your domain.If you run a used car business called Trusty Used Cars and have the domain name to match, you don't want to find out later that another Twitter user already owns Trusty Used Cars and is tweeting daily about how shady the used car business is. Don't take the chance that your reputation will be ruined by a total stranger!

4. Proofread

Go over your website content with a spellchecker and then, do it again.Have others close to you proofread your content, too.They may catch a spelling, grammatical or design errors that you didn't notice.

5. Announce your launch date.

Get some excitement building before you even open your doors. Since you already have social media accounts, start talking in advance about the launch date. Tell people the exact date and time you'll open for business and have friends and family do the same.

You hold the keys to your own success online. The more work you do before your website launch date, the less you'll have to contend with once your site goes live.

How successful do you want to be?