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Top 5 Free FTP Clients

Published on 6/7/2010 by

FTP is short for file transfer protocol, which is a fancy way of explaining how data is moved from one computer to another. In order to have your own domain based website, you’ll need to get your design, pictures and words from your computer to your webhost’s server on a regular basis. The safest and most efficient way to do this is by using an FTP client.

Here’s our list of the top five free FTP programs available for download:

  • Filezilla is an open source program that works with Windows, Linux and OS X and is available in the world’s most used languages. Filezilla has developed a reputation for being both secure and easy to use, offering an attractive drag and drop graphical interface, and allowing you the ability to perform multiple tasks at one time. Support for Filezilla can be found on their forums.
  • WinSCP is a Windows FTP client made especially for those concerned about privacy and security. WinSCP utilizes Secure Shell (SSH) technology to transfer files from one location to another, guaranteeing that your data never falls into the wrong hands. WinSCP features include file management, FTP, SSH FTP and SCP.
  • CyberDuck is geared toward OS X users and is a simple program with an intuitive interface that allows for ease of use. Files can be dragged and dropped with the touch of a mouse, making this a clear favorite for Mac enthusiasts. Cyberduck supports FTP and the more secure SFTP.
  • FireFTP is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which enables you to transfer files securely without installing additional software to your computer. Short on computer hard drive space? Then FireFTP is the program for you! The Fire FTP plug-in works across all platforms, including Windows, OS X and Linux and installs in mere seconds.
  • Swish is a Windows Explorer extension for Microsoft fans. Swish is a solid choice for those new to FTP because it operates within the familiar Explorer window. Swish supports drag and drop, file management, and FTP. Swish is compatible with most Windows versions, including Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Swish is available in English, Russian and Dutch.

FTP programs come in all shapes and sizes and each has its own unique set of features. If one FTP client doesn’t meet all of your needs, try another. Additionally, if your web hosting provider offers a free control panel, such as CPanel, you already have a built-in file manager and FTP client in your web hosting administration control panel. See your web host for more information.

Happy FTPing!