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7 Traits of Confident Web Hosts

Published on 8/26/2010 by

So, you’re looking for a web hosting company to get your website online and you’ve done all the preliminary research, like reading web hosting reviews, but you still have more than a handful of hosts you think would be a perfect fit for your domain.  What do you do?  You look for confidence.  Web hosting companies who are confident in their ability to serve you and keep your website online will show that assuredness in their own websites and in conversations with you.  Here are seven traits that confident web hosting companies display.

1.  Confident web hosts show off their uptime guarantee

An uptime guarantee is a percentage of time a web hosting company promises your website will be online and fully functional.  Since you are paying for web hosting, you want a company that offers an uptime guarantee and puts it in writing.  Look for badges and images showing off the promised uptime on web hosting websites and in their Terms of Service.

2.  They have confidence in their own network

Every web hosting company website should tell you about their network.  At a glance, you should be able to read what data center is used by a web host and where it’s located.

3.  They boast about their support

Some web hosting companies can offer 24/7 support through a variety of channels and others give support only by email during business hours.  It doesn’t matter when support is given, but how.  Confident web hosts will have a reputation for providing superior support.

4.  They offer a money back guarantee

A money back guarantee ensures that if you sign up with a web host and they fail to live up to their promises, you’ll get your money back.  Simple, and yet not offered by all hosts.

5.  They give you their contact information

A sure sign of a confident web host is that they openly display all of their contact information.  Under the about us section of their website, you should see a telephone number, physical mailing address, email address and maybe even a Twitter or Facebook URL.  The best web hosts are transparent and give you multiple ways to get in touch with them.

6.  Let you test them out

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could test out a web hosting company’s speeds before you signed up and paid for anything?  You can!  Web hosting companies that are confident with their network and abilities will have a file that you can download to test the speeds of their servers and network.

7.  Point you to reviews

The best web hosts don’t just have glowing reviews on their own website, but they’ll also point you to reviews around the Internet.  Confident web hosts know that web hosting reviews are their best form of advertising and they’re not afraid to show you what others think of them.

How much confidence do you have in your web hosting company?