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4 Ways Your Blog Can Stay Relevant

Published on 8/2/2010 by

With more than 126 million blogs online, how do you make yourself heard?  Can you really get your small voice out to the world and keep readers coming back week after week?  Yes!  Here are four ways to make sure your blog stays relevant.

1.  Be an industry leader

Don't become another voice in a chorus of bloggers writing about the same thing at the same time as every other blogger in your niche.  There's enough of that online.  Be a leader!

Let's say you're a blogger who writes about personal money management.  Right now, a quick Google search will show you that most money bloggers are prattling on about back to school savings and how not to overspend at college.  Don't follow the crowd.  Mind map new, eye-catching ideas like:

  • How to go on a cheap last minute summer vacation
  • Get the most out of the rest of your summer
  • Great late summer savings

By going the opposite direction as all the other bloggers out there, you’ll make some waves and some loyal readers who are tired of reading the same old drab content.

2.  Be a trend spotter

Trend spotters see what's happening online (and off) and write about it.  Don't think you can tie in Lindsay Lohan's latest escapade into your gardening blog?  What about these titles:

  • Lindsay Lohan style rehab for your sick ivy
  • Don't let your plants fall down like Lindsay Lohan
  • Fertilize your garden like Lindsay Lohan

Where can you find out what people are talking about online?

Google Alerts:  Punch in a few keywords and your email address and Google will let you know when something pops up online that you’re interested in.

Twitter Search:  Search phrases and keywords as often as you like with Twitter.  Since Twitter happens in real time, this is a great way to gauge whether something is really taking off or is only a passing fancy.

Digg:  This popular social media site is a fantastic tool for finding the latest Internet meme.  Gloss over the front page a few times a week.

3.  Be a great teacher

If you take a good, hard look at A-List bloggers you'll see the one thing they all have in common, despite writing for different audiences, is that they're all great teachers. A great teacher doesn't just tell you how to do something, they show you how to do something better.

There are thousands of bloggers with recipe websites today, and most of them hand out some pretty good, original recipes.  The great bloggers are not only sharing recipes though, they're also blogging about how to clean grease out of the bottom of an 8x10 casserole dish and how to grow your own basil for bruschetta.  Think outside the box and gives readers lessons they can’t get anywhere else.

4.  Build a network

Start connecting with readers and other bloggers in your niche.  Find social network sites that appeal to you and spend some time each day interacting with people. 

It doesn't matter whether your blog is read by millions of people or just a handful of fans.  You still need to stay relevant.  If you see yourFeedBurner numbers decreasing, you might be dropping the ball.

How will you stay relevant?