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What Are Flash Templates

Published on 10/20/2011 by


Adobe Flash, formerly known as Macromedia Flash, is a multimedia platform that adds animation and interactivity to web pages.  Flash templates are predesigned websites that utilize Flash technology.

Advantages of Flash templates

Flash is an exciting technology that offers many benefits over traditional website design.

  • It’s dynamic:  Flash templates have creative, dynamic menus and stunning animation that cannot be replicated by HTML.
  • It’s visually appealing:  Flash design is highly interactive and exciting. 
  • It’s low cost:  Flash templates are found in all price ranges, including free of charge.
  • It’s easy to implement:  Once your template has been customized, Flash templates need only be uploaded to your web hosting server.
  • Works on multiple operating systems:  Unlike some types of video, Flash works across all operating systems including Windows, Apple, Linux and even mobile phones.

Disadvantages of Flash templates

Flash templates offer many advantages to website owners, but there are also a few disadvantages to using Flash templates as well.

  • Can be slow to load.  Flash content can be slow to load, especially on older computer hardware.
  • Not supported by all browsers.  Not all Internet browsers natively support Flash, which means that in order to view your website, some visitors may have to download browser plugins or third party applications.
  • Not always SEO friendly.  Flash design is not easily recognized by search engines, which is a major drawback to all types of websites.

Websites that use Flash well

All domains can reap the benefits that Flash technology has to offer, but a few niches have learned to use Flash templates extremely well.

Restaurants:  The restaurant industry has been quick to adopt Flash technology as a way to display interactive menus from which customers can order food online.

Realtors:  Realtors utilize Flash technology to showcase properties and homes for sale.

eCommerce:  Internet shops use Flash to display products for sale in greater detail.

Travel:  Flash has enabled websites that focus on vacation travel to give visitors virtual vacation tours.

Artists:  Traditional and graphic artists use Flash templates to show off their works of art in highly creative fashion.

Flash templates can be used by any website in any niche.  If you’re looking for a dynamic website that will come alive with excitement, Flash templates may be right up your alley.