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What Are Online Forms Builders

Published on 10/20/2011 by

An online forms builder is an Internet tool that is used to create forms for website usage.  Unlike traditional software, online forms builders do not need to be downloaded or installed on your computer and are easily accessible online.

How Internet forms work

A website form, such as our web hosting review form, is a means of collecting and processing information.  You, the form user, input the relevant data into the available fields and then that information is stored on a web hosting server in a database or text file, and alternatively emailed to the webmaster.

There are hundreds of different types of forms that webmasters design and use today, like:

  • Contact forms
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Mailing lists
  • Registrations
  • Job applications
  • Order forms
  • Invitations
  • Bug trackers
  • ..and anything else you can imagine!

How online form builders work

When you sign up with a forms builder service you’ll be able to immediately get to work building your form and integrating it into your website.  The general steps for building a website form online go something like this:

  1. You decide what type of form you want to build.  Most online forms builder service agencies allow you to design any sort of form you can imagine.
  2. You start the form building process.  This is where you put your ideas into action.  Many companies have prebuilt templates for you to choose from that will help you instantly create a form or you can build a form from scratch.
  3. You choose where the form information goes.  Form data can be sent to your email address or collected and stored in a text file or database located on a web hosting server.
  4. You put the form to work.  Forms can be uploaded to your web hosting account or left on the server of your online forms builder company for use.

The advantages of using online form builders

The old school style of creating website forms required that you download and install expensive, bulky software or code forms entirely by hand.  Both form building methods were arduous and time consuming. Using more advanced online technology, form builders make it easy for anyone to design a website form and add it to their domain.  Some of the many advantages to using online form builders include:

Ease of use:  Form builders have a WYSIWYG graphical interface that helps users of any skill level create a form in minutes. 

Template galleries:  You’ll never have to build a form from the ground up unless you want to.  Template galleries showcase prebuilt templates and themes that you can use to begin building your very own online form.

SPAM protection:  Online form building servers are protected by powerful SPAM tools.

Easy to integrate:  Whether you choose to host your form on a form builder server or your own web hosting account, form builders make it easy to implement your forms into your current website design.

Analytics reporting:  Online form building services feature extensive reporting tools that will give you detailed information about those filling out your forms.

Adding a form to your website is easy to accomplish with online form building tools.  Whether you want a simple way for your website visitors to be able to contact you or you’re collecting resumes of potential employees, online form builders make easy work of building and adding forms to your domain.