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What Are Social Media Sharing Tools?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

In today’s Internet based world news spreads fast.  Be it National or International news or a hot new blog post, you’re most likely to hear what people are talking about by tuning in to social media networks. As a website owner, it’s crucial to your domain’s success that you’re also taking advantage of this powerful medium.

Social media sharing tools permit website owners a new way to share their websites with the world.  By placing a simple line of code on web pages, visitors can now share your domain quickly and easily on today’s most populated social networking sites.

Why use social media tools?

Advertising is expensive, which means that in the past, only those with advertising dollars to spend could promote their websites.  The social media explosion has leveled the playing field by giving anyone with a website the ability to publicize and promote it free of charge over social media networks.  As great as this is, it’s also a time consuming solution.  It can take large chunks of time to surf from one social media site to the next, handing out your most important links to your mutual friends and followers. 

Thanks to social media tools, you no longer have to do that.  Place a few buttons on your website that give your users the ability to promote your content for you, and you suddenly have your own advertising team.

How social media sharing tools work

When you sign up with a social media sharing tool network you’ll be given a line of code that will be added to your website.  (If you’re running a blog, you may also have the option to use a plugin that will automatically add this code to your web pages for you.)  Once the code has been inserted, buttons or widgets will be displayed on your blog posts and web pages that readers will be able to use to share your content on various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.  You specify which networks your content can be shared on and the social media sharing tools and your readers do the work.

Features of social media sharing tools

Each social media sharing service offers a different set of features.  Basic features may include:

Sharing options:  These are the options your readers will be presented with that allow them to share your website with others.  Sharing options may include top social networking sites, email, and reblogging.

Button location:  Do you prefer to use buttons or widgets and would you like them displayed on the top or bottom of posts?  Some social media sharing tool services give you these choices.

Detailed statistics:  Would you like detailed reports of what URL was submitted and to which social media networks?   Some tools integrate with Google Analytics and others use their own statistical programs to measure how and where your website is being shared.

Multiple domain management:  Some social media network sharing services give you the option to monitor multiple domain names within the same control panel. 

Social media sharing tools aid website owners in measuring the social media impact of their website, in addition to giving readers a quick and easy way to share meaningful content with others.  If you’re not using social media sharing tools, you’re passing up a great opportunity to let others help you advertise your own website.