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What Are Specialty Logo Design Companies?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

A logo is a graphical emblem or mark that identifies your business, organization or website to the world.  A specialty logo design company is a team of professional designers who pool their creative genius together to create that logo from scratch for you.  That logo can then be used on your website, as well as on other things—like stationary or brochures—to brand your business or image.

Different types of logo design

There are three basic types of logo design.

Self designed:  This is when you create your own logo using clip art and freeware or commercial logo designing software.  Self designed logos are inexpensive to make, but lack the professional appeal you’d get from using one of the other alternatives.

Logo designers:  Logo designers are professionally trained artists who render a logo for you by hand.  Logo designers often work alone and create stunning artwork, but their services can be costly.

Specialty logo design companies:  Specialty logo design companies work as a team to construct a logo for you.  Such teams are able to work more quickly than traditional logo designers and are also much less expensive.

Why work with a specialty logo design company?

It’s important that your website, company or organization has a quality logo that represents your service or product well.  Your logo speaks for you and should be memorable.   The Nike “Swoosh” logo is an example of a superbly designed logo that has been so well marketed, it’s instantly recognizable whether it’s displayed on a pair of shoes, a website, or a t-shirt.

Specialty logo design companies pair you with multiple in-house designers who will bring their collective experience to the table and offer you a variety of logos to choose from.   These teams are experienced in designing web specific logos that will also transfer well to stationary and other memorabilia that you may wish to use to promote your website or product.

In addition to producing quality, top notch work, specialty logo design companies have a fast turnaround.   From start to finish, you can have a logo produced by such a company in as little as three days.

How the logo design process works

When you decide to hire a logo design company, the logo design process will begin immediately. 

  1. You’ll choose a logo package:  You’ll be given several logo packages to choose from in varying price ranges.  Some packages allow for multiple revisions and others will be priced by the number of designers who will work to illustrate your logo.
  2. You’ll explain your logo concept:  If you have some ideas, such as specific colors or shapes you want included in your design, this is when you’ll pass those thoughts on to the logo design team.  If you have nothing particular in mind, that’s OK.
  3. The team goes to work:  Your logo design company will get to the business of designing several different logos for you to look at.
  4. Logo viewing:  You’ll be able to check out all the logo ideas your designers have created.Logo revisions:  If you’ve requested any changes, the designers will go back to the drawing board and perfect your logo.
  5. Finished product:  You’ll be presented with your finished logo.

Specialty logo design companies offer the quickest, least expensive way to get a professional logo designed, finished and uploaded to your web hosting server.  If you’re serious about your website, isn’t it time you started branding your domain name?