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What Are Website Designers?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

Website design services are offered by professional designers who specialize in building fully functional, unique website designs.  If you’ve purchased a domain name and a web hosting plan, but have no idea how to put a website together, you may consider hiring a design team who will build that website for you.

The advantages of hiring a professional designer

While it’s true that website templates can be downloaded and installed on your web hosting server cheaply and sometimes even free of charge, it is also true that hundreds of people have downloaded and installed that very same template on their domain.  That means that in order for you to give your website a one-of-a-kind look, you’ll need to spend hours and hours redesigning and reworking that template to give it the personalized appearance your website deserves.  If you have little or no web design experience, this can be problematic.

Web designers, on the other hand, are able to bring your website design concepts to life for you by building your website from the ground up and tailoring a site exactly to your specifications.

The website design process

Once you’ve hired a professional website designer or design team they’ll begin the early stages of development by speaking with you about your specific needs.  If you’re starting an eCommerce business online, for example, your web design team will need to know that so that they can incorporate shopping carts, payment gateways and applicable images into your design.

In order to employ a web design team, you’ll need to be a part of the design process.  You do this by communicating your needs to the web design services team so that they can get to work building the site you’ve envisioned.

Web design features

Each website online should strive to stand out from others.  Memorable designs and great content are two important characteristics that make websites successful.  As uncommon as your website design may be, it will have some similarities to others.  Common elements of website design include:

  • Static pages:  These are pages that make up your website that will remain unchanged.  An about us page is an example of a static page.
  • Dynamic pages:  These are website pages that are generated by a web application, such as a shopping cart or a pop-up calendar.
  • Header:  This is the top rectangular shape that runs across the top of your web page design on your screen.  It is often made up of a graphical image and will likely include your logo.
  • Logo:  A logo defines your brand and makes you and your product instantly recognizable.

These are the basic features of all websites.  Website design companies will be responsible for creating and implementing those features into your website design and may also be charged with building contact forms, website searches, image galleries, shopping carts, creating search engine friendly content and putting together all the little elements that will make up your website.

Website designers can turn any concept you can imagine into a full service website.  What do you want to create?