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What are Website Templates?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

When it comes to getting a domain online, your very first order of business is to come up with a website design.  It used to be that websites were coded individually by hand by professional artists, graphic designers and programmers, but today it’s entirely possible to download a website template in the morning and have a fully functioning website online by afternoon.

Website templates are predesigned websites that can be used as the basis for your domain.   You’re free to add or delete any content, images or media files included in your website template or you can keep things as-is, adding only your unique content, such as text.   Templates require little to no technical knowledge to alter and come with a complete set of instructions detailing how you can add your own logo, personalize content and where those template files should be uploaded on your web hosting server.

The many uses for website templates

Website templates can be used on almost any type of website you can imagine.    

  • Blogs
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Company websites
  • Photo galleries
  • Resumes
  • Video streaming sites
  • Family websites and family tree sites
  • ..and more!

Website templates provided the foundation for your website, giving you a readymade website that you can alter or add to in any way you choose.

The advantages of using website templates

There are endless advantages to using a premade website template, including:

  • Website templates are cost effective.  Simply put, it’s expensive to hire a graphic designer and not necessary for the majority of websites online today.  Website templates range in price from free to low cost.
  • Templates are easy to implement.  Once you’ve downloaded your template, it can be immediately uploaded to your web hosting space and will work as-is.
  • Templates are widely available.  Website templates are readily available online from free website templates sites and paid designers.
  • Templates are easy to customize.  If you’d like to give your template a unique look, it’s easy to add a logo, change the layout color or overall appearance.
  • Website templates are time saving.  By using a website template you can get a website online in as little as one afternoon. 

Website templates are a good choice for just about anyone who’s considering building up a new domain.  Templates save time, money and will give your domain a professionally crafted appearance.