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What are Wordpress Themes?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

Once you’ve installed Wordpress to your web hosting server it’s time to customize it and make it your own.  You do this by installing a Wordpress theme.

What is a Wordpress theme?  Think of a theme as being like an outfit.  What clothes you put on change your appearance in much the same way that a theme changes the default look of Wordpress.   Themes are designs that alter how your blog looks and functions.

Wordpress themes are made up of several pieces:

  • Templates:  This is the actual design that will give your domain a whole new look.
  • CSS:  CSS files tell your template what fonts and colors to use, in addition to specifying other cosmetic specifics.
  • Images:  Each theme will come with a folder of images that fit neatly into your design like a logo, header and footer.
  • Plugins:  Many Wordpress themes come with plugins that add more functionality to your blog.

Wordpress themes are highly customizable and full of options that will help you to create a unique look for your domain.

Wordpress templates come in three varieties:  free, paid and premium.