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What is Blog Software?

Published on 2/27/2011 by

Blog software is a type of content management system (CMS) that is installed on a web hosting server to allow an author (blogger) to write, edit and publish blog posts with relative ease.  

Types of blog software

There are two basic types of blog software: 

  • Server side softwareis downloadable online and must be installed on your own web hosting server or web hosting account. The popular Wordpress software is an example of server side blog software.
  • Client side softwarehas already been installed and is available to you, the end user, through a webpage interface.  The free blogging platform Blogger is a type of client side blogging software.

Features of blog software

Both server side and client side software allow bloggers to author, revise and publish blog posts through a web based administration control panel in the following format:

  • Title:  The headline of the post.
  • Body:  The main content of each posting.
  • Permalink:  The full URL of the actual blog post.
  • Date:  The post date for the published piece.

Images and other media, as well as outgoing links, may also be added to any blog post.

Individual blog entries may also include areas for the following:

  • Comments:  Thoughts and opinions left by readers.
  • Categories:  Indexes of blog content arranged by subject.
  • Pingbacks orTrackbacks:  Links to other websites that have linked to a particular blog post.
  • Tags:  The keywords used in each blog post.

Blog software customization

Blog owners are able to change the default look and feel of blogging software by applying customizations such as:

  • Themes, skins and templates:  Gives a new appearance and may add features.
  • Logo:  A custom logo or header image may be applied to any default installation.
  • Sidebars:  New custom features can be added to the sidebar.
  • Colors:  The color scheme for any blog can be changed through cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Widgets:  Determines the placement of certain objects, like where your categories will be displayed on pages.
  • Fonts:  Font sizes and types can be altered.
  • Background images:  Background images may be added or removed to the overall style.

Server side vs. client side

Both server side and client side blog software come with advantages and disadvantages.  Client side blogging software does not require the purchase of a domain name or web hosting plan to use, but has severe limitations on space and bandwidth usage.  With server side blogging software you will be required to buy a domain name and web hosting package, but you’ll be afforded tremendous opportunities for growth and customization.

Blog software takes the work out of blogging by providing a solid framework for bloggers so that they can get on with the business of writing and not worry about the technical details of coding or designing web pages.