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What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Published on 3/10/2011 by


Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting where clients lease a virtual, dynamically scalable infrastructure on an as-needed basis. In short, that means that your website will never go down again. If you need more space or bandwidth, your cloud hosting account automatically adjusts to suit your needs. If you need fewer resources, it adapts to that too. And best of all, you pay for only what you use each month.

The basics of cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting is the perfect solution for personal or business hosting. Because it adjusts to your usage, you never pay too much for web hosting or find yourself with too few resources. Websites in the cloud are hosted over multiple connected servers, so you always have instant access to more system resources when you need them.

The benefits of cloud web hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the newer forms of web hosting today, but it is already showing its many strengths, including:

Scalability:  When you’re on a shared hosting account and use too many resources, your web host shuts your site down and demands you settle your outstanding balance before they’ll reinstate your account. With cloud hosting, if you need more space, bandwidth or server resources, it’s automatically given to you. Cloud hosting scales up or down as your needs do.

It’s cost efficient:  Because you only pay for what resources you use, you never overpay for web hosting or get stuck with a plan that’s too big or too small for your website.

It’s more reliable: Your website is hosted on multiple servers and if one goes down, the other servers continue to operate as usual, having no impact whatsoever on your website.

Is cloud web hosting right for you?

Cloud hosting has been adopted by thousands of personal and business class websites in the last year and it’s one area of hosting that continues to grow. Because it so reliable and adjusts to your needs, there are very few disadvantages to hosting your website in the cloud. If you run a business, highly visited blog or corporate website, there’s little doubt that cloud hosting could be an excellent fit for you. Smaller, personal websites may not need to jump into the cloud just yet, but if technology experts are right, we’ll all be hosting in the cloud someday in the future.