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What is Email Hosting?

Published on 2/26/2011 by

Email hosting is a specific type of web hosting that specializes in managing only email servers and accounts.  Unlike traditional web hosting packages, which give users a set amount of space and bandwidth for website development and email, email hosts cater only to email needs.

The advantages of using an email hosting provider

Email hosting companies offer a dedicated platform and numerous advantages to those who need a high tech email solution.

Premium services:  With email hosting, you’ll be given options for custom configurations, collaboration tools and syncing—services which cannot be found with other web hosting companies or ISP mail.

Advertisement free:  Most free email accounts come standard with invasive advertisements.  Email hosting is entirely free of advertisements, even when accessed from a web based control panel.

Reliable:  Email hosting comes with an uptime guarantee.  If your email host goes offline for any reason, you’ll be reimbursed.

Built-in protection:  Email hosts offer built-in protection against SPAM and viruses.

Support:  Your email host will be at your disposal to offer technical support 24/7.

Availability:  You’ll be able to easily and quickly access your email from a web based control panel, using computer desktop software or your mobile handheld device.

Control panel:  You’ll have access to a state of the art web based control panel which you can use to add or remove email accounts, upgrade services, and oversee each and every email address in your account.

Encryption:  Your emails will be encrypted, hiding important data from prying eyes during transmission.

Automated backups:  Your email accounts will be backed up daily for you.

Less restrictive:  Traditional ISP hosted email accounts or those purchased with a web hosting plan often have limitations to how many emails may be sent per hour or limits on attachment sizes.  With email hosting, you specify what services you require and purchase a plan that will fill those needs.

Who benefits from email hosting?

Email hosting may be purchased by anyone who needs a reliable email solution.

  • Individuals:  Anyone needing a secure email address with more storage than typical hosting companies allow.
  • Businesses:  Those in need of collaboration tools, a large number of addresses, and the ability to sync across multiple platforms.
  • Email marketers:  Individuals and companies who require the power to operate mass email marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for a rock solid email solution, email hosting is the way to go.  It is not necessary to sign a long term hosting contract, but you will be required to have a domain name to take advantage of all that email hosting has to offer.