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What is Reseller Hosting?

Published on 2/26/2011 by

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting in which you are given the ability to resell space and bandwidth from your own hosting account to others. 

Who buys reseller web hosting?

Reseller hosting plans may be purchased by anyone.  Some of those who gravitate toward reseller hosting plans include:

  • New web hosting companies.  Many small startup web hosting companies purchase reseller hosting plans and resell space and bandwidth at a profit.
  • Those with multiple websites and domains.  Purchasing a reseller web hosting plan for your own use can be a cost effective way to host a large number of websites.
  • Designers.  Some website designers sell customers not only a website design, but also the space on which to host it.  This allows designers to make changes to websites at will.
  • Developers.  Those who code and develop scripts and websites will often sell their services along with the space and bandwidth necessary to run their applications or products.

How reseller web hosting works

In order to purchase a reseller web hosting plan you’ll first need to buy a domain name.  This domain name will be registered with your web hosting company as the main domain associated with your account.  Once you’ve purchased your web hosting reseller plan, you’ll be given access to a web hosting manager control panel, which you will then use to add and remove domains to your reseller account, specify how much space and bandwidth is associated with each added domain,  and have control over each account.

If you choose to resell your web hosting space, you’ll be able to set your own prices, web hosting plan sizes and conditions.  If you plan to use the web hosting space yourself, you’ll be able to determine how much space and bandwidth is allowed each account and make adjustments as necessary.

The benefits of buying into reseller web hosting

The benefits to buying a reseller hosting account are many.

Inexpensive:  Reseller hosting accounts are often on par in price with large hosting accounts, but also give users the ability to host additional domains on the account, something traditional web hosting plans do not.  This setup is perfect for those webmasters with multiple websites in need of hosting.

Easy to manage:  Reseller hosting accounts are easily managed within a graphical control panel.

Simple to upgrade or downgrade:  With a reseller hosting plan it’s easy to increase or decrease the size of your hosting plan, so your plan can keep up with your company’s growth.

Provides good business experience:  Those interested in starting their own web hosting company can do so with little technical knowledge or investment with a reseller hosting plan.  Your web hosting company will manage the hosting server, leaving you only responsible for your own clients.

Some reseller hosting providers provide free website mobile converter which converts your normal website to a mobile friendly one in few clicks 

A reseller hosting plan is a good option not only for those wishing to get their own web hosting company online, but also webmasters with multiple domains to host, developers and designers.