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What is SharePoint Hosting (WSS)?

Published on 3/10/2011 by

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is a type of Windows based web hosting that serves as a collaboration and productivity enhancement tool for users. SharePoint provides registered users with a single, integrated location to meet with team members, share information and find resources in real time.

What WSS can do for you

Windows SharePoint Services is a powerful tool that can bring together hundreds or even thousands of users, ideas, documents and resources. Some of Windows SharePoint’s many benefits include:

Collaboration: Courtesy of WSS, hundreds of users can meet and collaborate on documents, files and ideas. Whether you need insight from someone in the next office or overseas, WSS can help you get together and get things done.

File sharing: WSS is a secure environment for the immediate sharing of documents and other files. With WSS you can retrieve and store files, check files in or out, view version histories of documents, and more.

Information management:  The WSS environment permits users to store event calendars, contacts, discussions, web links, and announcements.

Accessibility:  WSS is available from any location or computer via a web browser.

Workforce efficiency:  WSS can automate anything and everything, making your workforce more efficient.  Users can automate schedules, events and even paid time off. When changes are made, all registered users are notified.

Flexibility:  WSS does not break at the threat of challenge, but bends. With WSS, users can create new websites, control site management and access, and monitor usage at will.

Hosted Windows SharePoint

Hosted Windows SharePoint takes Windows hosting to a whole new level. Instead of having to work at making sure everyone is on the same page, WSS makes sure everyone is in sync, no matter where they are.

Hosted SharePoint services are fully customizable and third party applications can be added as need be. SharePoint hosting  varies in price depending on the amount of users, space and bandwidth involved.