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What is Web Design Software?

Published on 2/26/2011 by

Web design software is a tool used in the creation of web pages and content that’s accessed on the Internet.  If you wanted to create and develop a website, you would buy a domain name, invest in a web hosting package and then use web design software to create that website.

Types of web design software

Web design software is built with the end user in mind, so no matter what your skill level, you can take advantage of all the powerful features that web design software has to offer.  There are two basic types of web design software.

WYSIWYG Editors:  WYSIWYG is an acronym for what you see is what you get.  With WYSIWYG web design software, beginner web designers can create websites using an attractive visual interface and need no prior knowledge of HTML, CSS or web development skills.  WYSIWYG editors give users the ability to drag and drop photos on to website pages, where the WYSIWYG editor will then generate the HTML code for you.  These types of editors are simple to use and often feature a built in FTP utility so that you can upload your finished web pages to your web hosting space.   WYSIWYG editors can be used by anyone of any skill level.

HTML Editors:  HTML editors are the tools of choice used by more experienced web designers.  HTML editors allow the end user to write HTML, CSS and other code by hand in a graphical or text based interface.  HTML editors tend to produce cleaner code than WYSIWYG editors, but require a significant amount of website coding knowledge.

Web design software is available as freeware and shareware and can be downloaded online or purchased in a retail store.

What web design software can do

Web design software allows you to easily put together the many parts of a website.  With the help of HTML software you’ll be able to add important elements like images, icons, content and logos to your website with ease.

More advanced web design software will also guide you in improving search engine optimization, uploading the web pages to your web hosting account, writing meta tags and descriptions, and cleaning up extraneous code.

Who needs web design software

Web design software can be used by anyone who’s interested in creating a website.  Whether you want to develop a simple or sophisticated site, web design software can help you realize your dreams. 

All you need to use web design software to get a website online is a domain name, a web hosting package and web design software.