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What Kind of Blogger Will You Be

Published on 8/4/2010 by

So, you're thinking of joining the millions of others online in the blogging world.  Awesome!  If you already know what you'll be writing about, now is the time to decide what sort of blogger you intend to become.  Will you be informative, entertaining or document your daily life online for all to see? Here's a sampling of the different styles of blogging you can choose from.

The Teacher

Teaching bloggers have special talent when it comes to showing others how to do something.  Teaching bloggers write:

Writing a teaching themed blog can take more of your free time, depending how well versed you are with your subject matter.  On the other hand, if grooming dogs is your business, you may be able to pop out posts like nobody's business.  Teaching blogs are informative, often lengthy and give clear instructions on how to complete a set task.

The Opinionator

Opinion bloggers have attitude and focus these sorts of posts:

  • Reviews
  • Critiques
  • Criticism
  • Political

If you hold strong opinions and are a passionate writer, an opinion styled blog may be a good fit for you.  Opinion blogs are generally lengthy in nature and have open comments for users to debate their viewpoints.

The Entertainer

Are you quick with a joke or witty comeback?  Entertainment bloggers focus on posts like this:

  • Light hearted musings
  • Funny images and videos
  • Personal humorous adventures
  • Amusing commentary about the world around us

Entertainment blogs are some of the easiest to deal with because there is such a wide variety of material to work with.  Some entertainment bloggers upload youtube videos and others write long, gut busting posts about why Swiss cheese has holes.

Self Promoter

Self promotional blogs are used to announce concerts and events and keep interest and excitement alive.  Self promotional blogs are usually written by:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Authors
  • Politicians

Self promotional blogs can be updated daily, though they needn't be.  Most self promotional blogs are put in place to announce book and musical tours, personal appearances, and the like.

The Journaler

Online journaling is what made blogging what it is today and it's still the most popular style of writing in the blogosphere.  With online journals, writers focus on self awareness and documenting their daily lives.  Journal styled blogs are written by everyone from soccer moms to dieters to college students away from home for the first time. 

The Business Blogger

Business bloggers are an extension of their company, often writing about things going on behind the scenes at work and interacting with customers.  Business blogs can take on a personal or professional tone and are usually written by the owner of a company or someone in upper management.

How you choose to present yourself online is entirely up to you.  What kind of blogger will you be?